Diving Instruction Philosophy

Because I only teach in small class sizes (maximum 4 students), I am able to give very high quality training.

Diving is about adapting to the underwater world. As your guide to the underwater world, I will teach you how to feel as comfortable underwater as the creatures that inhabit it. Learning how to keep your balance underwater is one of the most challenging things in scuba diving, and I teach all the skills you need to perform while floating in midwater, which is called "neutral buoyancy".  While most instructors teach on the bottom of the pool, you will only receive a basic orientation on the bottom, and the rest of the skills will be taught while neutral. This ensures that when an emergency happens in the water, you will be able to handle it effectively with muscle memory without first descending to the bottom, or shooting to the surface.  

Your computer is one of the most important pieces of safety gear a diver can own.  Most dive computers on the market are not intuitive and difficult to use and to read.  When an emergency situation happens, you need your dive computer to clearly and effectively communicate with you about what you need to do to stay safe. I have experience with a broad range of dive computers, but the Shearwater dive computer is by far the most easy to use and understand, which is why I only teach with it.