All about scuba technology

Scuba diving is a very gear intensive sport.  Here's a list of the tech that makes my scuba shop run.

My dive van is equipped with

1) 5 HP Bauer Oceanus Compressor - my pride and joy, and modified with timed solenoids to be auto-draining for consistent gas quality, this is the workhorse of my operation, and compresses all the air you'll breathe

2) 40:1 booster pump - this booster can compress 100% oxygen and 100% helium without contamination of the gasses by complete separation between the drive gas and the gas being compressed. I can fill oxygen bottles to 3000 psi

3) storage tanks - I have 4 T bottles for breathing air, and cylinders for oxygen and helium.

4) Shearwater Perdix Air Integrated computers - the best of the best. Nuff said.

5) Cressi piston regulators - reliable, easy breathing, easy to maintain regulators

6) Scuba pro fins - light and strong, and efficient and turning movement 

7) XS scuba masks - fits well on almost every face.

8) Scuba pro dryuits

9) Mares 7 mm wetsuits