About me

I started diving in 2015 at a local shop in Houston Texas while I was working on my chemistry PhD at Rice University.  I became good friends with the owners, who were both very experienced divers with a broad range of underwater experiences.  By spending time with them both above and underwater, I learned how to become an effective instructor, and gained a passion for scuba diving.  I took my training to the next level and became certified as a re-breather diver.  On scuba diving, you feel like you're visiting the underwater world, but on a re-breather, you feel like you belong there.

I've dove in the fresh water caves & saltwater wrecks of Florida, drifted along the coral reefs of cozumel, dove the cenotes of Tulum, spearfishing for red snapper off the coast of Texas, lobster diving in the frozen salt water of massachusetts, dove the gardens of clonal plumose anemone off the coast of Vancouver, explored the reservoirs & flooded nuclear silos of Texas and Colorado, and dove the mud ponds of Texas where visibility is naught.  I am as comfortable in cold water as I am in the tropics, and can teach in the harshest conditions.