SDI Open Water Diver

SDI Open Water Diver

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Take your first breath underwater with top of the line equipment and computers and with a technically trained instructor.  This price is all-inclusive.

The price includes

1) Access to the learning materials

2) Rental gear includes

- compressed breathing air (or nitrox if taken concurrently with the nitrox specialty course)

- wetsuit (or drysuit if taken concurrently with the drysuit speciality), hood, gloves

- Shearwater perdix air integrated regulator

- Regulator set

- Lead Weights

- BCD with weight integration

- Mask

- Snorkel

- Boots (if diving a wetsuit)

- Fins


2) Academic portion (online or in person)

3) Pool session

4) Two days of open water diving

5) Certification

What this doesn't include

1) Entry to the pool

2) Transportation to any of the class sites


Semi-private includes a maximum of 4 students for confined water and open water dives.

Nitrox and Drysuit can be added concurrently to this certification.